Hopefully, the web page will be updated with a lot of new stuff over the next few weeks. For now, I've added Matt's first character log. You can find Rasputin's musings here. Oh, yeah, you get 400XP for that work, Matt.

To those that did not play AD&D yesterday, Kaladar was found and utterly destroyed. Those that participated got several weapons with +3 enchantment, a kick-ass spell book (1st-7th lvl spells), and several fireball throwing wands. I'm sorry you couldn't make it--we had a blast! The best session yet!

Of course, that's all a bunch of bullshit--I didn't run AD&D for several reasons, but one of those reasons was that I didn't want to do the Kaladar encounter without everybody there.

Just a quick note: I'll be running AD&D tomorrow night, but we may start later than 11:00 (we always start later than 11:00) due to bullshit obligations. See ya then!

I've applied for admission to the AD&D and Forgotten Realms WebRings. The AD&D logo is above and the Forgotten Realms one is located in the Rings and Links section. You're more than welcome to use these rings to locate information for use in the campaign.

Well, I just added a character log taken from the pages of Lectrolite the Violet's journal. The thing describes the party's great adventure in the sewers, and it earned Roben's character 400XP!

Just added Spiral Stairs' new log as well. I don't know if Spiral was drunk when he wrote it, but I sure know that Will E was. It consists primarily of a rambling, so that Spiral can get some XP. I give it 500XP, higher than the above log only because it's twice as long. Remember, folks, rambles don't necessarily make character development. And if you ramble because that's role-playing your character, then please remember to ramble in the game as well.

Just wanted to drop a quick note--my campaign will be running at around 11:00pm tomorrow night, but I do believe that Roben is going to run his much earlier than that.

Hello, everyone. Just wanted to let you know that The Diary of Damien Morienus will be running tonight at around 11:00pm. See ya then!

Michael Cooley has contributed a few character sheets, which you can take a peek at here. If you think you can make better ones, please do and contribute. If you have anything else that you'd like to contribute, please feel free to contribute!

A portion of the 11/19/99 recap has been put up. It's not finished yet. I just wanted to show you that I was working on it.