Yay! I figured out how to make a table, or thumbnail galleries for pictures. I have an example of this in the Magic Knight Rayearth section. Its not true thumbnails *cause I'm at work and don't have photoshop*, but it does work =). I've archived the January news for no reason other than to save my mindless talking. On a lower note, I've received bad news from the home front. My grandfather seems to have lung cancer in both lungs. My mother has some personal medical problems and will go in for an exam tomorrow. Lastly, my father moved into an appartment in Troy, leaving my mother yet again. I really wish I could be home right now. If any of you guys that actually read this and are in Laura... would you stop by and say hi to my mother.


Kudos to Josh for guessing my password and deciding to change the image and text. Thank you for making me waste 5 minutes to log into Geocities to fix it.


Hi all, this is your favorite neighborhood Wieser, I just thought I would add my own little touch to this marvelous site, lol. And I promise, this isn't Roben, w00t.