Well, since Will was the only one to do the caption contest, he wins. And what does he win you might ask yourself? He wins a chance to look at this comic from Megatokyo.com *^_-*
I swear this is me!


I'm a little teapot, w00t! ~(_)=


I fixed the left column thing, I was messing around and I didn't think I actually saved it, oh well. Kudo's to Will for point it out. Again, I wub j00 Will. If people post on our message board, don't be rude to them... even if you think its another of the gang mess'n with j00. I'm working on some backgrounds at home right now, unfortunately I'm at the office right now and can't upload things I don't have =)


In another one of those crappy moments in life where you don't think you can feel worse, something always comes along and kicks you in the shin. For me, it was receiving an email from my ex-girlfriend that I haven't spoken to in over 2 years. I really loved her, and I know deep down inside I still do. I'm sure all of you will think I deserved getting an email like this too. On a whim, I said hey .. why not email her to see how she's been doing. Welp, in less than a day I got a response. Basically saying "I'm doing great, getting a PhD, got married to a rich successful man last Saturday, have a nice life loser!" Seeing that just made me cringe and fall over on my keyboard while at work. I still don't know what to think. I'm happy for her... kinda. There's the little part of me that wishes she'd die in a train accident also. Oh well .. just wanted to vent.


I thought I'd do a little more updating. Changed the main picture and I've archived a whole freak'n YEAR of news. *shush I know its like 5 posts but still!*. The link to the old news will be below with the other news links. I really doubt anyone will use this, but it is good practice for s0ss gaybos like myself. Again, thanks for coming to my page Will, David, Andy, and Adam. *^_^*--Roben