Its been a couple of months and little has changed. I'm still without a job, woohoo! Unfortunately, the flow of anime has been staunched because of that. I'm working on capturing Magic Knight Rayearth 2 and I'm already half way done. This is why I put up that picture of Nova. She's probably my favorite character from that series. Something about beautiful psychotic women I guess =) On a side note, my AD&D campaign is going splendid! I just wish all my old friends were here to take part in it. Its probably one of the best games I've ever ran people through. I actually got to play with my old quakeworld Team Fortress clan last night. It seems old [MA]Cerahbes still has a little kick left in him. I managed to get 2 out of 3 of the caps the round I played. Oh yeah, and [MA] won haha, 6 - 1 . GG CdG


A lot has changed in the past month! I'm back in Ohio on a really awesome cable modem. My ftp is up and streaming data almost 24/7 so contact me if you want a piece of the action. I've been doing a lot of video capturing of late and burning to cd to archive it. My anime collection has increased as well with the addition of some DVDs and even a tape I lost a year ago! I changed the top picture because I was working in photoshop and didn't want my efforts to go to waste. I've yet to move to Sailormoon.com because they haven't returned my email about my missing space *10 megs!* and ftp logins. On the left sidebar you may notice the new "My desktop" link. That link goes to a screen shot of what my current desktop looks like and if you want, the wallpapers and winamp skins are on my ftp. One last thing ... I can capture DVDs! Screw you Macrovision*tm* Okay, back to capturing Kenshin *^_-*


Its been awhile, over a month even. Some good news for once. I'm finally moving back home to Ohio, April 26th. I now own a working PS2, since the first one died on me. I finished capturing the Tenchi Muyo OVA episodes and they are now burnt to a cd for easy storage. As soon as I can figure out how to upload to my other domain... I might move the site over to Sailormoon.com. More space and hopefully no popup adds. GG YAHOO!


Another update? Yup, I've archived the Febuary news as you can see. I've got another kawaii picture of one of my friends that will be put up as soon as my mail server starts working. My DSL was shutoff for no reason and I have a couple week live-in roommate! Oh yeah, I have a DVD player and am buying anime on DVD now... hehe anyone want some VHS tapes for cheap? =)