Got Shirt? Ayumi doesn't! *^_^*

Another update, wow thats like 3 in one week's time. I've added pictures of Ohayocon 3, a trip to the mall, SammyLan 2 ... probably more to come soon. Here soon I will redo the news and archive a lot of it. OCZombies next lan seems to be on the first of May, one day before my birthday. Looks like I'll be lanning on my bday weee.


Quick update for today. I added a page for the couple of Ohayocon 4 pictures that I took. Its under the photos section like the rest.


Its been a long time? Wow over a year and a half goes by in the blink of an eye. Certainly a lot has happened! I've had a job for the past 18 months and still going strong. While my employment side of my life has gotten better, the horrid lovelife side is sick as usual. January was Ohayocon 4 and I had a wonderful time. Back in February was Pretty Sammy's Pink Sugar Valentine's Day LAN Party ... or SammyLan 4 for short. It was definately a success reaching 20 people. Last weekend was dominated by another lan party held in my usual place, but run by the guys at Over-Caffeinated Zombies. I might as well plug their site =) It seems my music tastes have been slipping away all these years. Here lately I've been listing to Ayumi Hamasaki ... eee gad I've gone to Jpop! 0_0 Something is definately wrong with me. Whatever happened to that grunge styled 14 year old I used to be? Hehe, kinda funny really. I asked a few people if they could ever see me like that and they all said no. Oh yeah, I didn't even mention the fact that I'm living in an apartment in Pleasant Hill, Ohio now. I've been here for almost a year now. I really don't want to rattle on anymore than this, so here's a list of what I've done this time.

1. Put up a new picture! Yeah yeah I love you Juri but you've been there for a long time. *sniffle*
2. Put up a new song YAY! Its Connected by Ayumi *^_^*
3. Updated my anime index which now includes an awesome End of Eva DVD signed by Tiffany Grant.


Its that time again. The time in which I get off my ass, or rather sit on my ass and add to this html blackhole. As soon as my current AD&D campaign comes to a close and when my group has time I will be running a Big Eyes, Small Mouth game. This will be my first attempt at running this game and I am kinda scrounging for material and ideas. I would really like to make something unique. Stealing ideas only gets you so far =X Ya, sure you can pull it off on the players, but it doesn't feel right. This rant is really going off my original topic. The animeindex.txt was updated with a few recent additions and can always be found here

There comes a time when you just wish things would happen. In life, we find that many projects and schemes just don't end up the way they are originally planned to go. I find myself going down this road time and time again. Unfortunately, things haven't looked darker and I don't see a faint sun on the horizon. Where is my miracle?


Look I updated! April Fools! Hehe, okay bad gag. Well its been a long stretch without an update and so this little effort is deserved. I put up a page with the pictures from the Shock Treatment lan from March. The pictures can be accessed here. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but I think its the headlamp of an oncoming train. The end of the semester is quickly coming and I have a lot of projects due soon that I haven't even thought about starting yet. I have a speech to give tomorrow and a week of math homework to catch up on. With all that, I need to watch the remaining Battle Athletes DVDs, such hardship! =)


Not a whole lot to update here. I just felt like changing the picture because I like Hikaru. I start college tomorrow for the very first time. Becoming a magic knight was a very long and hard struggle for Hikaru; she was the last to get her runegod after all. College will probably be the same for me... the whole long and hard struggle. I guess thats why I choose that picture. The site has come a long way since the old geocities site I started back in 1997. Well, thats all, so return to your normal surfing.


Its the early morning and I'm sitting at a lan party right now. Everyone is asleep save for one other person. Christmas has come and gone. I can't believe its almost been a year since then. A lot has changed in some ways and much more hasn't changed. Its frightening sometimes when you look up and realize just how much time has gone by. This should be my final update for the year. Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to actually put forth effort to make this a good site. =/ I doubt that would ever happen. My anime index has been updated with the volumes I purchased with the christmas funds. A Suikoden walkthrough has been added also. Anime Index


Its nearly 130 AM now on Christmas morning and I'm still up. I figured I'd put a simple picture up showing that I do remember this little tangle of html. My only Christmas wish this year is to be where I was last year at this time. That moment would have changed so many things, but I can't alter the past. There is no use dwelling on it really, now is there? Anyway, I hope anyone and everyone that reads this has a good holiday. Now with this simple message left to us all by Bart Simpson, I will close this update. "Christmas is a day when people of all religions celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ." =)


Ain't that date cute? Looks like binary to me. Of course, so does everything. I've been futzing with the move and working on the revamped site design. I've hacked all the old AD&D stuff out of the new site, but rest assured the Geocities page will remain untouched for years to come. If you didn't notice, yes I do have a domain and have it working "" hosted by one of my friends up in Canada. Life has changed a lot. My sister got married, my mother had her surgery and is going to work in a few hours for the first time in months. My grandfather died, but my sister has a child soon to arrive. I guess it all balances out one way or the other in the end right? I sure hope so. Enjoy the site, I'm working as best I can with my crap skills. Hehe, sorry about the bad joke. To think Haruka actually shouts "Uranus World Shaking" =)

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