School work is hitting me hard right now and probably will for another 2 weeks, so don't expect much updating of the site from me. I will still put up logs and other contributions however.

Session will more than likely be this Friday at 11:00. Please plan for it. For those that have early curfews, I'm sorry--please try to get an extension.

The session is tomorrow at 10:30pm. I hope to see you there.

Well, folks, I think that we're going to play AD&D tonight at around 10:30-11:00. That's when AD&D is starting, but I think that there is a Vampire game running a lot earlier than that. I apologize to those with authoritarian parents, but I'll run AD&D as long as there are 4 players (of course, those four players' characters would be dead real quick since they wouldn't be able to take the baddies that I've planned).

The history of Elric of Helm has been laid out by Nate. You can check out this piece here. We'll discuss XP awards tonight.

Another excellent background has been submitted. This one is from the mysterious mage that joined the party not too long ago. How much do you really know about this guy? Now is your chance to click and learn about Mic! (of course, it's player knowledge only, you see)

Adam Fletcher has contributed a fitting song called The Ballad of Monty Haul Thieves. Be sure to check it out.

Roben's AD&D song has been put into the Other section of Contributions. Check it out if you haven't yet.

The session recap is up for your reading pleasure. This masterful piece earned da DM 0 XP, yep that's right a big zero. Everyone throw your congrats out to Mike. Click to read.

And for those with the creative spirit, I'm opening up the webpage for player contributions. If you have any magic items, adventures, spells, whatever AD&D related that you want to open up to the world, please submit them. I'll post a bunch of crappy magic items in a couple days to get things started. Any submissions can be sent here.

11/11/99 Veteran's Day
The next AD&D session will be on Saturday at 1:00pm. If there's any problems with this, please let me know.

I finally put some of those pics up that I took. I only put up a few because most of the others were bad. You can check out the photo gallery here.

I'm going to start putting the characters up on the web page, so if I don't have a current copy of your character, please come to the session on Saturday with one.

There is no AD&D session tonight. Sorry, guys. Please pass the word.

However, for those that would like to see what happened in the last session through the eyes of Goten, you can read this, which got Josh's character 400 XP.

Session recap is up. I hate to say it, but it's really not up to quality. It's missing some key information and some of the facts were wrong. I'll be writing the recap for the next session. I don't think it was the author's fault--he was just too wrapped up in the session to take adequate notes. You can check it out here.

On a more positive note, I've gone over Roben's first character log. Very well done, Roben. I believe the only editing that I did was the addition of an apostrophe. Changed the HTML too, but that doesn't count. Roben's character gets 600 XP. You can check it out here.