Again, its that time of year in which people of all religions celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ =) Haha, okay now that my bad Simpsons quote is over time to get down to business. For me, it looks like a boring holidays at work while I put together a Tallgeese III model kit while answering phones on Christmas. In May I'll probably be moving to Austin and hopefully will be working for AMD *yeah you heard me*. I just got a really good review from my supervisor while he monitored my calls the other day, so thats great. Its been an hour and only 2 phone calls for me ... I love this. I wanted to let you all know, I miss being able to see you on a whime. I miss seeing snow on the ground, and driving recklessly through it while sliding through people's yards and otherwise jeopardizing my life with my friends. Ummm yeah ... well Roben's gonna go read a book now so tell your "Seeing-Eye Monkey" to stop throwing poo at me =P

Word to your mother!
d@ /|/o c4$|-| d/\/\


Hey all, its been quiet a while but since the phone isn't ringing here at Verison Online tech support I figured I could spent a bit of my free time updating this piece of junk page. For starters, Happy Turkey Day everyone! I hope you all have a nice and safe holiday eating all that fine homecooking while I eat my crappy turkey meal the office passed out... merry somef or other. Second, I changed Will's subtitle ... sorry it took so long Will and I know you aren't SViatL anymore... but you still are to me =P. Lastly, I love you all.-noCa$h,the long distance DM


Small edit to page, changed out files, added new quote for Will's pleasure. New babe working at Wal-Mart on 3rd, life is good.-noCa$h


Okay okay, I do make an attempt at this when I have free time *sigh* I wish I had more time to use. Guess the LAN party is this Friday. I'll be where ever it is gonna be with my 2 puters. Nate will be burning CDs if you guys didn't know already so bring some cash or some CD-Rs if you want music or some of my Anime collection *^_^* Also I put Will's pic up because well ... I like to annoy him. DUDE YOU ARE DRUNK! =P--Your Resident noCa$h D/\/\


That was a great session guys! The JoHnSoN BiGgSwOrTh encounter was too funny ... see Matt fly back to the booth and watching Josh try to steal the phone away oh so sneaky like. A good laugh was had by all =) Anyway, no AD&D next friday. I'm busy, Will is busy, so take a break for a week guys! *Lord knows, some of you need it.*--Your resident noCa$h D/\/\

From the message board:

Attacks on one another's anatomy aside, let's see here. Why the criticism? Your opinion of my campaign seems to be slightly negative, yet you continue to play, soaking up hours of Friday evenings. You... ah, nevermind, I agree with your expose of the typical session. It simply sucks. You know how much time I've devoted to planning the last four sessions? Nothin'. Pure winging it every time. Could ya tell? I'm done with the fantasy role-playing. You guys ever wanna have a LAN party, contact me.

Oh, and to satisfy Will and his need for conclusions in campaigns, here's what happens. Spiral dresses up like some big black guy and threatens the party throughout all of Undermountain. Brad's new character finds a necklace of missiles and chugs one right at Spiral. Spiral's father appears just in time and catches the globe before it utterly destroys him. Now, I don't know if Spiral II will forgive Spiral I, but before he can make his decision, Spiral I takes Spiral II by the throat and slams his candy ass to the mat! Next week's game: WWFRPG, baby! We're going to do some soap opera shit, bitches!

/me bows out.

Enjoy the swords and sorcery, people. Just don't let your sword get rusty or your components wet.

Anyone who wishes to take over the website, please contact me.


If anyone's interested in starting a game of NUKE!, throw me an email.

Hey, folks, we have some news!!! The January 2000 News Archive has been created, so you can now go and look at the whole two news messages that were posted in January 2000!!! Woo-hoo!

Oh, yeah, we will be playing Forgotten Realms tonight at 7:00 for those folks that haven't yet bookmarked directly to the message board. I'll see ya then! (I don't know how rides were dispersed but walk if you must!)