Its Adam
Adam and Josh
Adam and Josh again
Chris =0
Chris about to play DDR
Chris and Bob playing DDR
Lee's monitor guardian
Cables anyone?
Chris, Shari, Robert, and Nathan
Lee, Chris, and Robert
Yes, it did get crowded fast.
Josh, Kyle, and Nate
Oh Masamune... good choice for a wallpaper, Adam!
I need to learn how to stand still while taking shots.
Ah ... Counter-strike...
Chris, Josh, Nate ... and Kyle
This angle again, but later on.
Oh look my computer is burning a cd...
Nerdom in full effect!
Kyle and Nate
Nice headphones dork...
Okay, not even gonna try on this one.
L33t or what? =)
Lee, nuff said.
Ouch, looks painful dude.
That little wonderful POS, keep at it!
Word Mitch ... word
Its me... yay for no sleep.
My father Robert, and Adam sleeping in the background.
Robert again
Shari, manager of the nice place we used.
Josh ... zzZZZZZZzzz
Again... ZZzzZZz
Sleeping Lee ...awwwww
Matt, asleep
Heh ... no.